What is a yeast infection?
Get to know what the culprit really looks like

Yeast makes your life miserable. But wa. But it could occur in other parts too. Most commonly attacked areas are the vagina, mouth, genital parts of the men. But women can also experience this beneath their breasts and armpits. Even underneath the nails there could be yeast infection. Sometimes babies suffer from yeast infections due to diaper rashes. And the most vulnerable people with yeast infections are perhaps the ones who have poor and broken down immunity due to high power treatments taken to fight off AIDS or chemotherapy.

You could also get nasty yeasty infections which actually attack your blood cells or various internal organs. Unfortunately, the human brain can also be affected by yeasty infections. Such patients need to be treated urgently and carefully to get out of the clutch of yeast infections. Just in case you did not know, yeast infections are simply fatal for these patients when things get to extreme. But in the minor stages, yeast is nothing more than a merely bothersome irritation that makes your life uncomfortable. If the infection reaches a severe stage, things still are manageable. Some people have found excellent results by using home made remedies made out of yogurt or honey. But take your medical treatment seriously for best results.